For A Moment.


Grindelwald, Switzerland | Tom Wilkason

Cinque Terre: By Elia Locardi


An explanation/tutorial to tonight’s sunset (top) photo: I crouched in a muddy field and prepared with my phone, sparklers and a bucket of water (#2). Then I continuously tossed buckets of water over the sparkler (#3), trying to get at least one shot I liked. Didn’t like any, as they were blurry, so I improvised with the reflection in a puddle on the road (#4). However I didn’t like how dull the sky was when I focused on the sparkler, so I moved it out of the way, focused on the sky and stitched both the photos together with PhotoForge2. The end.

(via anditslove)

Cannes, French Riviera ϟ by Jean-Philippe Barralis